Monday, June 18, 2012

Glacier National Park, Part 4

We sadly got to the end of the road at Glacier on Thursday morning. With checkout time looming, I sent Chasen and Isaac to go fishing. It would be Isaac's first time, and I figured it would be some good father-son time. Plus, I had no desire to go fishing. So I volunteered to stay behind and clean our fabulous little cabin.

 So long, sweet cabin. You provided us with some good family memories in a short time.

 Here is my sweet angel fishing for the first time.

 He looks like a pro, if you ask me.

When the boys returned we packed up and headed toward Missoula, where we were to fly home from the next morning. We enjoyed the hotel pool and some nearby sushi. Isaac loves sushi and can eat lots of it!

On the two flights home we were "only" delayed two hours. By then Memphis couldn't come soon enough. I am ready to stay grounded for a while. But this trip, minus the airline hassles, was just perfect and I am incredibly grateful that we made it happen. 

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zezim da silva said...

Muito bonito esse lago..