Sunday, June 03, 2012

Isaac's Belated Birthday Party

Yesterday we hosted a belated birthday party for Isaac. When you have a February birthday, there's just not a whole lot of "outdoor fun" options. So we invited a small group of boys to a local spray park. Wouldn't you know that it was practically the coolest June weekend in history?!?! We postponed the morning soiree to the afternoon so it would at least warm up to nearly 80 degrees.

It was the perfect party in many ways:
a) a smaller group is better (including baby sisters and older sisters, there were 10 kids total)
b) the spray park provided for all entertainment
c) it was away from home, thus we didn't have to spend days cleaning/preparing
d) cleanup consisted of throwing stuff away and loading the car -- easy, peasy!
e) we got to take Bo (our dog) and he was a big hit

 We ended up taking both vehicles, because my car was loaded down!

 Isaac and his school chum, Caden, check out the nearby playground before splashing.

 The ice cream cake melted QUICKLY. Party foul! We had to rush up the singing and blowing.

Isaac's second time to blow out three candles in one year. :)

Even Bo got into the act. And, no, he did not get sick, FYI.

 Isaac heads into the spray tunnel with a friend's water sprayer toy.

 Here he is trying to fruitlessly fill it with water.

 He really never could put it down.

 He's so funny. He cracks me up.

 There's no good way to caption this photo.

 I brought dollar store buckets for all of our birthday guests, and the whole park loved them.

Here is the chilly birthday boy near the end of the fun time.

I wish it had been a touch warmer, but overall everyone had a really good time. I look forward to spending more time at the spray park when it warms back up (like today... grrr...) as expected.

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Becky said...

Looks like fun! Happy belated birthday to Isaac!