Friday, June 01, 2012

Swimming Lessons 2012

This week was a big milestone for Isaac. He started swimming lessons... alone! Yep - I dropped him off for a whole hour each day this week, as did all of the other parents. A very kind, experienced swim instructor lives only about seven miles from me, and she teaches kids in her own pool. It's amazing what she and a teenage helper can do in only five hours of instruction.

Prior to this Isaac had only had "splash lessons," i.e. a mommy-and-me class designed to get him accustomed to the water. In other words, he was never really out of my arms. So this was a big step! I was so, so proud to see him just march right into the fenced pool area each morning with his little peers.

Since today was the final day, parents got to come for the last half of class for the "show." Here are videos and photos that Chasen and I took of my little beginner fish doing his thing. I'm so proud!

Here he is reaching to the bottom of the steps for a starfish.

Here he is using the "kickboards."

Here he's off for a short swim.

And now for a longer swim.

Splash! A big jump and a swim!

Floating on his back for ten seconds.

 Isaac and his adorable class.

 Getting read to reach for that starfish.

 Kick, kick, kick!

 More kicking.

 Isaac and his school mate, Cassidy Hope. I think he kinda loves her. :)

 Swimming to Mrs. Melissa (whom he calls Ms. 'Lissa)

 Heading back to Katie the teenage helper.

 Adjusting his goggles for the big swim to Melissa.

 Go Isaac go! Put that head down! (which is more than I do...)

 Yay! He made it!

 Heading back to Katie.

 He just jumped in and splashed Melissa. Ha!

Go, little fish, go!

Swimming is such an important skill to possess; not only for fun times at the pool and beach, but you just never know what's going to happen. I am so happy that I heard of this fantastic teacher right here in my own neck of the woods. Thanks, Ms. 'Lissa!

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Petraruns said...

THat's brilliant - fantastic effort Isaac!