Monday, October 29, 2012

Child Free!

This past weekend, thanks to Isabelle being here, Chasen and I were able to go away for the weekend ALONE for the first time since Isaac was born! We chose to go to Greenwood, Mississippi (two hours by car) because there is an exceptionally nice hotel there, as well as a Viking cooking school. Beyond that, there's not a whole lot in Greenwood, but you'll never hear this gal complain about a luxurious, low key weekend. We asked a couple of people that we each know who are from that area, and we got recommendations as to where to eat, etc. 

 We visited the Crystal Grill and Chasen got an epic piece of coconut pie.

 We had a romantic dinner at Lusco's.

 Yep - there's Chasen cooking at the Viking cooking class!

 Here is our swanky hotel bathroom. I especially loved the shower.

 Here is the finished product from cooking class. Delicious!

 Chasen ordered us some room service on our first night. That chocolate gelato was MINE ALL MINE.

 Greenwood is supposed to be the cotton capital of the world.

 No trip down that way is complete without a trip to McCarty's Pottery in Merigold, Mississippi.

This little movie called "THE HELP" was mostly filmed in Greenwood. Know it?

It was fantastically relaxing and restful. I sure hope we can get away before another four years comes and goes! 


Petraruns said...

What a gorgeous fun trip! Fantastic!

Anonymous said...

So glad ya'll got to get away for a weekend! Looks like an amazing place to go! -Heather