Thursday, November 08, 2012

Here Goes Nothin'!

I can hardly believe it, but it's time for marathon #9. Tomorrow morning we'll head to Georgia for the 33rd running of the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon.  

How did I choose this one, you ask? There were three reasons, really.

  1. My longtime, dear friend "Coach Terry" said he would do it (again!) if I did it. And he said he'd help me along in the later miles. How could I refuse?
  2. In recent years this race was voted "most family friendly" and runner-up for "most scenic" by Runner's World Magazine
  3. It's "only" about six hours from my home, which means that we can ALL go (including Isabelle), as opposed to me flying alone for the day.
Those are good reasons to make this #9, right? Yep. Plus, you all know how I love a smaller race where my family can be a huge part of my race experience.

I won't lie; I'm feeling less trained than ever before. However, I take heart for, again, three reasons.
  1. I'll have Terry to help me along when the going gets tough.
  2. This is my NINTH marathon. Surely to goodness my muscles will remember how to do it.
  3. My other longtime, dear marathon pal Petra gave me the best advice I have ever received: "Race it with your heart - your legs will follow." 
I. Can. Do. This.

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Jacky said...

Love it! And you'll rock it! Go Susan Go!