Monday, October 22, 2012

Oh, The Places You'll Go!

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, my marathon training has taken a backseat to the rest of my life over the past few years. This is quite alright with me, as my boy will only be "itty bitty" once. Maybe when he goes to elementary school I'll be able to "hit it hard" once again. For the time being, I am seizing the moment and every opportunity that it presented to me. 

When we discovered that Isabelle would be coming to stay with us for 89 days, our goal was to show her as much of our American culture as possible. Thanks to our school district's "fall break," we had the opportunity to take a road trip for five days! She, Isaac and I loaded up and did a big loop around the South. 

We visited Jackson, Mississippi first. Then we headed on to New Orleans, Louisiana. While there we went on a swamp tour.                                                     

My very brave boy had the chance to hold a 1.5 year old alligator!

From there we drove along the gulf coast to Destin, Florida. We spent time on the beach and took a sunset dolphin cruise.

You can hear my sweet boy enthusiastically spot dolphins in the water. 

We all got to try to feed seagulls Saltines (of course, Isaac was more interested in eating his Saltines).

 Next year we definitely have to come back to Destin with Chasen. For sure!

We made our way home via Montgomery and Birmingham, Alabama, plus Tupelo, Mississippi. It's safe to say that Isabelle has seen LOTS of the South!

The next trip we have on deck is to marathon #9, which is *gulp* nineteen days from now. In reviewing my lackluster training, I see that I have completed the following longruns: 10.65, 12, 12.44, 16, 18, 12.44, 20. I just hope it's enough! I am sure that somehow I'll make my way around the course. All I want to do is finish, and I think I can. And my boy will be right there to see it all. 

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