Sunday, September 09, 2012

Good Changes

Chasen is plugging away in China, and Isaac and I are keeping busy. On Friday we attended a birthday party at Build-A-Bear in nearby Collierville, Tennessee. 

I have learned my lesson with the iPhone, but forgot when taking this cute pic.

Isaac chose a rather patriotic bear, dressed him as a firefighter, and decided to call him Night Night Bear. There ya have it!

That night a very, very important thing happened. After many airline delays, and months of planning, we headed to the airport to pick up our "temporary au pair!" Here's the story. When I was 16, and before then, I had a pen pal from Germany. Her name is Tina, and she came to my home in Arkansas for a month in the summer of 1991. Fast forward to now. Her niece, Isabelle, is here soaking up some American culture and speaking lots of English!                                       

  You know us - we always make airport pickups a big deal!

Isabelle is lovely! She is kind, smart, and funny. And her English is wonderful as-is! Isaac loves her. She will be with us for 91 days.
 When she mentioned that she needed flip flops, I took her to flip flop mecca, aka Old Navy.

Because she is here, I was able to head out last night in fabulously cool September temps for a run. I managed 12.44 miles. Because I did my typical walk-run, as opposed to the 12 mile walk I eased into last week, I opted for a relatively low mileage. I think next week I will ramp up a bit. Chasen will be back (hallelujah!) so I can have a bit of support out there. 

Chickamauga, here I come!


Petraruns said...

Nice one girl - you're beginning to ramp up! And having Isabelle there will make it so much easier - that's looking good. I can't believe you're doing Chickamaugwa so soon - that's come round quickly hasn't it?

Nanny said...

Loving the Penpal connection. It's amazing that you are still in contact and so sweet that your Penpal's niece is au pairing for you. I wonder what became of my Penpal ...