Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cyclist In Training

Isaac received a Lightning McQueen bicycle for his 4th birthday last month. Since then he hasn't shown a whole lot of interest in it. Well, to be clear, he loves to "repair" it with its accompanying tool kit, but that's about it. He never really had ANY interest in mastering his tricycle when he was younger; he much preferred me to push him in it. Last summer when he did the Mighty Guy Little Tri, a certain member of my household was none too pleased with Isaac basically just sitting there during the bike portion. Ahem.

We finally got a warm-ish spring day, so I encouraged Isaac to try to ride it some more. Lo and behold, he did quite well! Take a gander. 

When he stops, he uses his favorite expletive "Oh Pickles!" Haaaaa!

I'm so proud! If only Chasen could have been here to see it. Dang China...

One day soon he'll be able to ride all the way to the garage.

Look out, Mighty Guy Little Tri, we're comin' for ya!

***I am a believer in riding with a helmet. This was an isolated incident.***


Anonymous said...

YAY ISAAC!!!!!!! =) I told Joe he got a Lightning McQueen bike and he thinks that is super cool. So from 1 biker to another, ride safe my friend. lol. -Heather

Fahad Naseer said...
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