Sunday, April 28, 2013

Isaac's First T-Ball Game

Today was Isaac's first t-ball game. I knew when I signed him up that it was going to be a good learning experience for him and a GREAT photography opportunity for me. Yep - the truth is, I signed him up 99% for the pictures. Since I never played any team sports growing up, the other 1% was for him. Ha! 

We put Chasen on a plane for Baltimore early this morning, so I had to be the official motivator, photographer, drink holder, etc. No biggie - this mama can multitask. I quickly learned that I was to also be the team shirt distributor, which was easy enough. Truth be told, I was dying for Isaac to get his shirt with his name on it!

 There he is, lucky #7. And bless them for spelling his name correctly.

 Here a few players are practicing catching. Or looking the other way. 

 There ya go - look at the coach! 

 Pre-game pep talk. Coach Clinton is a VERY patient man. Bless him!

Pre-game prayer. One of the best parts!

Isaac's first time at bat. Everyone gets to bat once per inning.

Isaac is running from first to home. His pal Jake was last to bat, so he drove them all home.

Isaac's first time to catch. Everyone gets to catch once per inning. 

 Isaac's second time at bat. He did better!

There he is running from third base to home.

Isaac's third time at bat. This was about where the enthusiasm wore off.

 Last time at bat... ready to be done.

This was so, so, so cute! I really liked it for about as long as the kids did -- about thirty minutes. The second thirty minutes were filled with lots of playing with grass, staring at traffic, etc. Hopefully the kids' attention span will lengthen as the season goes on. We have five more games to play!

 Here they all are giving high fives when it was done.

Post-game pep talk. 1,2,3... go Maroon!

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