Saturday, May 18, 2013

Isaac's Spring Program

Now I am the mother of a boy who has made it successfully through two school programs! I proudly sat in the front row and he waved at me and smiled. Awww - this mama thing is an excellent gig!

There he and his pal Jack are coming into the sanctuary.

"Rise and Shine"

 "Little David Play On Your Harp"

Here is everyone who participated, minus a few tiny ones in a the "bye bye buggy."

They sang six songs, and they did a wonderful job. I couldn't have been more proud. I can tell you already that I am going to be an emotional wreck at next year's preschool graduation. Just thinking about "Pomp and Circumstance" makes me tear up. Times goes too quickly! At the end of the program a slide show was played with photos from the school year, and this song was playing:

You CAN NOT listen to these lyrics without crying. I dare ya!

Being Isaac's mother is the greatest gift I have ever been given. So, as the song goes, "Let them be little!" 

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Susan said...

When that one little girl started whipping up her dress....that CRACKED me up!!

They really do grow up so fast. I'm like that mom dropping off her little kid, and next thing you know--there he is all grown. ::sigh:: It happens fast, SS. Keep enjoying that beautiful lil' boy!