Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mighty Guy Little Tri

Today we attended the second annual Mighty Guy Little Tri. We went last year, also. You can read about it here. This year was a bit bigger, as was my boy. 

It started with the run. Each portion of the tri had a distance of about 35 yards, give or take. Chasen got Isaac to the start for the run, as I was stationed up ahead with his bike. 

 There's Isaac on the left in red. Chasen is directly behind him in the navy blue shirt.

Isaac was to me in a flash. I got him on his bike and off we went. He's still not super comfortable on his bike, so I stayed with him the entire distance. Lots of parents did the same. 

 There we are, red and red. 

 Hey, guy, look ahead!

It took quite a while for him to do the biking portion (by comparison, but he was far from last). Chasen met us at the end and Isaac began to sprint toward the water.

 There he goes, ready for the fire truck.

 Now he's getting to the spray of the fire truck.

 Another action shot courtesy of my visiting BFF, Jennifer. 

I was rather surprised by what happened next. He actually did not want to go all the way through the water! Last year we could hardly pull him out of the water; he was soaked to the bone. Chasen literally had to pick him up today, legs kicking, to carry him the last few yards across the finish line to earn his cool medal. I was shocked!

 Once again, all kids were #1. Love it!

 Chasen and I look on as Isaac perches atop the "podium."

 There's my little champ!

 Here is Jennifer, the "official photographer" of Isaac's race. Bless her!

 Isaac's cool medal, which looks much more "grown up" that last year's.

The middle part swivels AND is has hologram images. Very, very cool!

I'm sure we'll be back for more next Memorial Day weekend. We can't wait!

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