Monday, August 19, 2013

Isaac's LAST First Day of Mother's Day Out

My little 8 lb 5 oz baby boy is already 4 1/2 years old. Today marked another milestone: his last "first day of pre-K." That's right, one more year until kindergarten. Already! He began his final year of Mother's Day Out today. His true first day seems like just like yesterday. Oh how little he was!

 In his cool, retro lunch box I taped some photo box pictures of our family.

For his lunch he requested peanuts, walnuts, an orange, olives, and some grapes. I also included a boiled egg and his juice/water.

 This big guy is 43.75" tall already. 

 I love him to pieces.

 What a hunk!

 He sports his "running shoes" just like Mommy's. :-)

We had the chance to meet his teachers at an Open House last week. So we knew exactly where to go and who all to expect. 

 This definitely looks like a "big kid" classroom to me. Sniff, sniff.

 There are 12 kids in his class (6 and 6). He knows a lot of them already.

He immediately settled in and began playing when I dropped him off.

Summer flew by, but at the same time it felt very long. I know Isaac is ready to get back to a normal, structured schedule. He'll be at MDO for twenty hours per week, and I'll be on my own. Wish us luck!

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Love the lunchbox!!