Thursday, October 05, 2006

Early Morning Elliptical

Today I "broke in" our new garage elliptical machine. My husband has been using it regularly, but I, as you know, usually run. Well not this week! I am taking it easy. So, in order to stay active, I decided to use the elliptical. I put in a favorite DVD and the next thing you know I was on there thirty minutes (the equivalent of 13.1 miles, ironically). I haven't used an elliptical in ages.... And I really felt it. What a workout! I was sweating profusely - even more than a thirty minute run would have produced, I think. It felt like my feet were so far apart! Definitely different than running (which I already miss doing). :)


Susan K. said...

I love, love, LOVE the ellipitcal machine! Does your machine let you set a level? The ones I use at the gym do, and I am up to 14/15...I switch back and forth. I always work up a great sweat too, I feel like it's a great cardio workout.
~Susan K.

sandra said...

I like the eliptical at the gym, but am so hesitant to buy any home equipment... My next piece of "exercise" equipment is a new bike. I'm thinking of getting a recumbant.