Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Fit Camp, Night #3

While yesterday was a complete rest day, today brought another fun-filled night at Fit Camp. I did a quick walking warm-up on the treadmill before the male trainer, D.D., walked up the stairs to get us started. The lady trainer, Tonya (whom I believe is his wife), was out sick. There were only eight of us there tonight. Some people I have not seen since the first night. Some of them may be showing up on Friday nights (I have not yet had that opportunity) but he indicated that some of them just never came back. I can understand why; if someone just showed up without being used to working out, which I believe to be the case with some of the no-shows, they would think this really was torture. I joke about it, but I really agreed with his mini-sermon tonight. He spoke briefly about us only getting out of Fit Camp what we put into it. Apparently, some folks have been slacking!

He decided to start us out with ab work. GREAT. I am pleased to say, though, that I overcame! It wasn't easy, but I believe I did every count of every exercise/position. Now, the push-ups got me, but those aren't my strong suit to begin with... and especially not after doing tons of ab work which makes my upper legs sore and weak. This time I chose three pound weights for the arm workout. We did tons of free weight exercises, as well as the work with the stretchy bands. I think I did all of those well. I definitely felt worked out, though. The night ended with twice as long of a run as we normally do, then a cool-down walk. I was so weak from that workout that I really, really took it easy during the half miler. I was slow as molasses and loved every step of it.

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beginagain said...

Susan -

Carla here, from Reasonable Diet land.

Ohmygosh, I can't get over your level of commitment - it's an inspiration! Love the Words of Wisdom post, especially.

Keep up the *fantastic* work - you have an excellent blog, I'll be checking in regularly.

Carla from Illinois
aka Ms Carly