Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fit Camp, Night #5

I can't believe that this was only night #5. It feels like I have been going forever, in a good way. We warmed up tonight by doing jumping jacks. D.D. is a really good instructor. He puts a little down-home humor with it. After the jumping jacks we did scissor steps (a first for me). Our first mission was abs. Oh my goodness! He was not easy on us. First we did one exercise for sixty seconds straight. That doesn't sound very long.... but believe me - IT WAS. Then we took a 20 second break and did the same for 45 seconds. Then, we repeated for 30 seconds. It was tough. We then switched to more "old fashioned" crunches. I'd take them any day over Friday night's exercise ball ab work!

Next we had to get free weights. This time I got 5 pound ones. We did tons of arm exercises. Those weren't so bad. Oh, I forgot to mention that he threw in those dumb push ups at times. Yuck! We also did "the bicycle" while lying on our backs. My lower abs have been through the ringer.

We finished, as usual, by heading outside to run. This time we had to do three laps and we were to run all three if we were able. Otherwise, we could jog or walk as needed. I ran all three (surprise, surprise). Only one other person (Miss Super Speedy) did the same. I felt it was a huge accomplishment for me after all of that lower body torture.

Again tonight he really encouraged us to push ourselves a little bit more than last time. I feel as if I did. :)


katie said...

sounds like an excellent evening!

beginagain said...

Susan - I can't believe you're doing all this - what a story - hooray for you!