Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Holiday 2006 Challenge

A funny thing happened today. While corresponding with my #1 fitness-minded friend, Katie, she mentioned this time of year requiring extra motivation. I wholeheartedly agreed. If it's not bad enough that the weather is getting colder (and motivation to be out in it can all but disappear), then people - coworkers, colleagues, family, friends - are "pushing" sweets and indulgences on you. So the next thing you know, Katie and I decided that we'd find a way to hold ourselves accountable to one another throughout this season. And we decided to start immediately - NOT December 1st (because, let's face it, the pushing has already begun). We decided to compete against one another (and the world...) in Holiday 2006 Challenge. Here's how it works:

Katie, a CPA, made us each a spreadsheet. Each day between now and January 1st we will each have the opportunity to earn points. There are a maximum of ten points to be earned per day. Here's how they are earned:

1 point = drinking 6 servings (8 oz.) of water
1 point = eating five servings of fruits and vegetables
1 point = eating 2 servings of dairy
1 point = resisting temptation, i.e. "pushing," such as turning down office goodies or other non-nutritional fare
1 point = a good deed, such as going above and beyond what is "expected," such as running in the rain or driving through a snowstorm to get to the gym (she is in yankeeland)
1 point = doing 50 calisthenics per night (50 push-ups or 50 crunches, or 25 and 25 - whatever)
4 points maximum = exercise points (1 mile = 1 point for me, 1 point = +/- 10 minutes hardcore aerobic activity at the gym for Katie) *Katie is also a runner, but is on a sort of sabbatical right now*

Each morning we'll report in (to each other) with the previous day's total. We'll have to explain the good deeds and resisting temptation, so as to agree on the point ruling. I'll post each week on Tuesday morning. Incidentally, we each have weighed (and we will not be sharing that!) and will only say if we've lost, maintained or gained.

The winner will get the glory of being the Holiday 2006 Challenge Winner. Really, though, we'll both be winners, if you think about it. We both really want this to be the year that we don't succumb to the holiday stress. We want to get a jump on January 1st! We want to be the best we can be for 2007!


MarathonChris said...

Cool idea. I was wondering if you gave into tempations (like eating candy) if you would lose points!

Good luck in your challenge. I agree, it has already begun!

Katie said...

Wow! I am inspired by reading about our challenge. I appreciate the being referred to as "on sabatical" rather than lazy!

sandra said...

Looking forward to seeing your post your points. What a great idea!

PLANET3RRY said...

This is a very forward thinking idea. I like it! What a great way to hold you accountable during this yummy candy season. I'm thinking... do I made truffles or do I make Reese's PB clones... hmmmmm...

jeanne said...

a great idea! i might just give it a try!