Saturday, December 30, 2006

Longrun Postponed

Aargh! When my alarm went off in the wee hours, it was pouring rain. So I turned off the alarm and hoped that at a more "decent hour," as my husband would say, it would be all finished. No such luck! Now that my intelligence has kicked in (i.e. I check the forecast) I have realized that it is supposed to rain all day. Yuck! At times it only "mists," which gets my hopes up... but then the real rain comes again. So, I have decided that it would just be wise for me to wait until tomorrow when there is a 0% chance of rain.

This has made me realize just how much a part of life running is. I feel so deflated now that I can not go run. Wah wah wah. During the weekdays it's part of my before-work schedule, but because I then go off to work, running doesn't seem to "rule" my days. Saturdays, though, were meant for longruns! Whatever will I do with myself now? My husband got called into work, and we have a painter here now... so it's not as if I can leave and go somewhere. Oh well - I'm a big girl. I will adapt!

Have an excellent Saturday. I hope it is dry wherever you are!


Adam said...

This to shall pass, you have plenty of open road ahead of you. Smile!

MarathonChris said...

Hope you had a good Sat and a wonderful long run tomorrow!!!!