Monday, December 04, 2006

LRM TR #20, COLD Running

LRM Miles Trained To Date: 104

Oh my goodness! I called for the temperature when I got up to run, as always. It was 29 degrees. That's not much worse than the 32 degrees I ran in on Saturday, one would think. NOT SO! I guess because it was still dark out (for a lot of my run) it felt sooooooo much colder. The run was fine, but I was frozen from the waist down. Seriously - my legs are red and feel frozen solid. I was warm enough on top. I guess I need to layer my legs!

Mile 1: 12:08
Mile 2: 11:59
Mile 3: 12:12
Mile 4: 11:54
Total: 48:15
Average: 12:04 per mile

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CewTwo said...

Thank goodness that I have a treadmill. Last week, Denver had one of those Winter bouts with really cold weather and snow. At 3 degrees, it is just too cold to run outside.

I respect anyone who can face that...