Saturday, December 02, 2006

LRM Training Run #19, LOTY

LRM Miles Trained To Date: 100

I better not fill in the thought cloud. This is a family blog, folks!

LOTY = Longest Of The Year

I have just returned from my 14 mile longrun. Yes, LONGrun. When I woke up this morning, it was 31 degrees. I opted to wait a few hours before running, hoping it would warm up a bit. It did. It warmed up to 32 degrees. Ha! It is only 40 degrees right now. I felt warm because I wore my new running duds that my husband gave me. I felt like I was wearing a lot of "love," since he gave me the clothes, my friend Katie gave me my Garmin, etc. I needed all of the positive thoughts I could get out there!

Friends, IT WAS TOUGH. It made me wonder how on earth I am supposed to run 20 miles next Saturday. Really - it was excruciating. It started out fine, as they all do. I was going to do an out-and-back, but at almost the halfway point I realized I could alter the course a bit. You see, the first part was very hilly (I guess I forgot just how hilly, since I had run it before). That's when I ate my powerbar (a Pria one). Maybe the bars are too much for me - I don't know). But the second half was horrible. I struggled and struggled. My belly felt full and bloated. I was hydrated enough. I just wasn't feeling good. I walked a ton, especially towards the end, and it was mostly flat. Aargh!

I am going to focus on two things: 1) This was a training run , so I guess it's meant to push my limits and make me stronger. 2) I focused on my mantra of life, which is "It's better to do my best, even if it's mediocre, than to quit." Based on those two statements, I can hold my head up high about today's 14 miles.

Mile 1: 11:09 (too fast)

Mile 2: 10:54 (too fast)

Mile 3: 13:01 (perfect)

Mile 4: 13:22 (perfect)

Mile 5: 12:47 (perfect)

Mile 6: 11:42 (too fast)

Mile 7: 12:31 (too fast)

Mile 8: 12:58 (perfect)

Mile 9: 13:58 (too slow)

Mile 10: 13:48 (too slow)

Mile 11: 13:22 (perfect)

Mile 12: 13:58 (too slow)

Mile 13: 14:19 (too slow)

Mile 14: 15:41 (too slow)

Total: 3:03:36

Average: 13:07 per mile (perfect)

So, I guess all in all it wasn't so bad, timewise, but my body has had it! Every inch of my legs hurt. What's worse is that my lower back hurts. It is very tight. I'm hoping that a hot shower will relax it. This is a new ache for me!

Monday's 4-mile easy run will seem like a snap!


MarathonChris said...

Congrats on your new longest run!!! And hanging in there for a time that was just right. I have found that good or bad, I always am glad I ran!

You will do great on the 20 miler, next week.

Katie said...

I am so proud of you! Your dedication really inspires me -- you are doing so well!