Sunday, January 14, 2007

LRM TR #41A, Treadmill Conquered!

LRM Miles Trained To Date: 267

I am well on my way to accomplishing my goal of 18 miles today! I got up and went to the gym to face the treadmill. I haven't been to my gym in ages. It was kind of nice to be there, given the circumstances. Before I left I tried to think of all of the positives of logging miles on the treadmill:

1) No dogs to chase me.

2) No cars to run me down.

3) No Garmin required.

4) No cel phone required.

5) Easy access to fresh cold water.

6) Easy access to a restroom.

It worked! I tried to always think of it in increments of two miles. My treadmill record before today was 4 miles. So when I hit 4, I was happy. Next was 6, which is just dandy - a third of today's proposed mileage. Then 8 meant just ten more little miles to go. I thought of stopping at 9, since half on the dreadmill would be quite an accomplishment, in my book. Then I thought 10 would be better - a nice, solid number. At 10 I could go home and hope the rain would stop so I could do an out-and-back 4-miler to achieve the final 8 miles. But then I got the genius idea of pushing on to 12 miles so I could do merely an out-and-back 3-miler! So that's what I did. I went 12 miles on the treadmill and called it quits. I was almost "out of fuel," and no food is allowed in the gym. I did all miles at a 12:00 - 12:30 pace at a 1.5 incline. I am so pleased with it all! Even if I don't get outdoors (in this monsoon) or go back there today, I'll be proud of my accomplishment.


MarathonChris said...

Excellent job on the dreadmill. Another advantage is that there is less impact to your feet and body than on the road or sidewalks.

Katie said...

I am totally impressed with a 12 miler on the dreadmill. It is a beast I am not sure if I am ready to conquer yet! I think this is a good deed point!!!

CewTwo said...

I am extremely familiar with my treadmill. I have the running surface as soft as it will go. All of my running is through goal setting. First mile @ 6 miles per. 2n, 3rd & 4th at 1/2 mile runs of 6 mph and 5.5 mph. Final miles at quarter mile paces of 6 and 5.5 mph.
I ran 42.5 miles on it last week. So far this week, 12.5 miles. Oh yeah listened to several podcasts, and saw "Pale Rider," Terminator 3 and the Tin Man on the big screen (while running).