Wednesday, February 07, 2007

LRM TR #52, Born-Again Runner

LRM Miles Trained To Date: 358

Days Until First Marathon: 25

She's baaaaack! Man oh man - I had a great tempo run this morning. When I found out that it was 49 degrees outside, I nearly jumped for joy. Only one layer required! And I didn't even wear gloves. I did my super-favorite 5-mile loop while listening to my favorite DJ's.

Mile 1: 11:38 (on the low end of my training range)
Mile 2: 11:46 (mid-range)
Mile 3: 11:21 (low end)
Mile 4: 10:48 (faster than required - it just happened naturally)
Mile 5: 10:49 (how's that for consistency!?!)
Total: 56:24
Average: 11:17 per mile, 171 beats per minute

This just proves that some days we're "off" and some we're "on." Today I was ON!


Katie said...

Good for you! Excellent post

PLANET3RRY said...


CewTwo said...

Great time! I am so happy for you!

I wear gloves even running on the treadmill like I do. My fingers get really cold when I run. It has only been a problem since my weight loss and running started. The Doctor says not to worry, but it is an inconvenience...

MarathonChris said...

Way to go!!!

Maddy said...

w00t! w00t!

Good Weather! Great Run!