Thursday, February 22, 2007

LRM TR #59, Three Easy Miles

LRM Miles Trained To Date: 399

Days Until First Marathon: 9

It was much cooler out there today! I chose to sleep ten extra minutes (oh luxury!) and run in the neighborhood behind mine. There's not much to say about three little miles - they were done before I knew it. Now on to the last long run on Saturday - a mere 8 miles.

Mile 1: 12:44
Mile 2: 12:32
Mile 3: 12:27
Total: 37:44
Average: 12:35 per mile, 162 beats per minute

My heartrate was much better (lower) than yesterday. Very strange!


MarathonChris said...

A "mere" 8 miles? Remember when 8 miles was hard? How training for a marathon changes our perspective!

The lower heartrate is good, I think. When you get into the marathon your heartrate will creep up over time as your body becomes more tired. So lower rate early on is good - saves juice for later. Look at your earlier Garmin records for your longer runs and see if that trend shows for you. I usually noticed it for runs that were more than 8 miles or so.

Maddy said...

I was thinking the same as Chris - a mere 8 miles - piece of cake!

And three miles done before you knew it!

Good Job!