Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sweetheart Slimdown Challenge - Final Report

Another one bites the dust! Yep - another monthlong challenge is complete. Many things occurred in the lives of the participants. It has been an exciting ride! Here are the stats from week 4 (the final week):

Katie made a huge comeback by earning 57 points. She gained 0.5 pounds.
Susan K. earned 43 points and maintained her weight.
I earned 41 points and lost 2.2 pounds.
Martina earned 28 points and gained 1.0 pound.

Katie was finally "released" from the dental chair and able to resume aerobic activity. With all of those points earned, that was very evident! And now she is into her training for the upcoming Shamrock Shuffle (a 5-mile race).

Susan K. kept chugging along and made a nice showing for herself in the points department, as well. With springtime in the air (at least here where I am...) I foresee her being able to enjoy the outdoors (and her gardens) more.

I am still in marathon taper mode and am enjoying it (less activity). I am trying to hydrate like crazy for the big race day (March 4th).

Martina is still out in Colorado for work, and she reported having to travel a lot and an "out of it" type feeling. I'm sure it is extremely difficult to be uprooted every few weeks! But she is doing her best and managing to see the sights and do some hiking (and send postcards to friends!!!!! thanks!!!!).

Now on to the overall results for the whole challenge:

I earned 172 points and am down 1.2 pounds.
Susan K. earned 164 points and is down 1 pound.
Katie and Martina each earned 157 points and gained 1 pound.

I am amazed that I won this month! Especially with the taper in exercise. I guess I have Katie's teeth, Martina's travel and Susan K's snowstorms to "thank" for it, since each of those ladies had extenuating circumstances to deal with over the past month. But you know what? Today starts a new challenge: March Marathon Madness!!! So I say that we all move on from February and look forward to the springtime. The days are getting longer, and the weather is getting more activity-friendly. Personally, I am looking forward to many things this spring. I'd love to have some others join our new challenge! That would add to all of the fun. Come on, folks!

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