Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Where I Run

I had an idea today. I thought it would be neat if everyone shared their running areas through photos. So I headed out after work to do just that. What I quickly found, however, was that it is quite impossible to convey through film the beauty I feel I stride through often. So, I stopped after only a few photos of areas all within 4 miles from home. If you want to see more, you'll just have to come and run with me! And perhaps I will try to photograph my next longrun. We shall see.

This is the eastern entrance into my neighborhood. I usually walk down this hill to begin running, and then I walk back up it as a cooldown. My home is way up and around the corner.
This is the service road alongside I-30. This point is about 4 miles from home.

This is what I call "the old highway." I can never remember its number. The bridge, though, is about a quarter mile long. It always serves as a challenge to run all the way across it, as it usually finds itself at both the beginning and ending of longruns.

This is the western entrance to my neighborhood, although this photo was taken while exiting the neighborhood. It is often the final leg of some western runs.

This is just before the western entrance.
So, how about it -- now it is your turn to post some photos of where you run.


CewTwo said...

My problem with my runs is that they are just boring to me. So, it becomes difficult to realize that others may like it.

I have some fun areas, but I don't want to carry the weight of the camera.

I had thought that it would be cool to train with the camera on a lanyard, so that even in competitive races I could get pictures of the run.

Cool idea in a hot time of year!

Maddy said...

Where you run (and live) is beautiful! Everything is so green and pretty!

I love the idea. I will try to bring my camera to Clermont this weekend for hill repeats. The view is incredible!

ShirleyPerly said...

Thanks for the photos! I like the hills, shade and quiet appearance of your routes. Unfortunately, I only have a pretty bulky digital camera too. It's too much to carry while running but I'm going to try to bring it on the HH100 ride in WF this weekend, though.

PLANET3RRY said...

awesome! I think I will have to share some of 3rd Creek's beauty here in Knoxville. Thanks for sharing...

Nicole Wong said...

What a great idea! I'll try to do it on my next long run- if I can remember my camera.

Your run looks nice and green! Thanks for sharing.

peter said...

I loved this post. I find even my normal run (done scores of times) interesting each time I run it. I often carry a camera in a small pouch on a waist-belt. I have a picture of me after every single race I have ever run (well over 100) as a point of reference over the years. But people think it's weird for someone always to be taking pictures, especially when the camera isn't "modern" (I carry a disposable film camera). Unfortunately streets never come out as unique in pictures as they are in the flesh though.

jeanne said...

what a great idea! my camera weighs about 20 lbs so i can't do it either. I do love where i run though.

nylisa said...

Wow what a great backdrop to your training! I love this idea. I'm gonna bring out my camera during my next long run!

Rebecca said...

I love this idea! I took my camera along on tonight's easy run. I want to take my camera out on all my runs now (I wish it wasn't so clunky!)

Thanks for the great idea!