Sunday, September 23, 2007

RFE TR #32

Total Miles Trained For Elijah: 251

I am now to the halfway point in my marathon training. Whoo hoo! Times flies.

Due to my book club weekend getaway to Heber Springs, Arkansas, I had to get my 18 mile longrun complete by no later than 9 AM on Saturday. I aimed to begin running at 5 AM or before. I clicked "start" at 4:51 AM. I chose to run 9 miles out toward Haskell, have Chasen meet me, then run the 9 miles home. I was going to run down a familiar road, yet farther out it than I had ever run before.

With my new "blinky light" affixed to my pocket, I set out in the cool weather and immediately began having a great time with it. I was boogie-ing! The first nine miles went like this: 11:35, 11:30, 11:38, 12:48 (up a huge hill), 11:38, 12:45 (oh who knows), 11:47, 11:35, 11:13. Isn't that amazing for me? I was stoked. And to my surprise, I ended up in Traskwood. All the way out in Traskwood! My hamstring, by the way, was feeling OK. Not superb, but good enough. And my new Hammergel habit was working out just fine. Quick and easy!

Salute! (as they say on Hee Haw)

Chasen had to get a close-up of this.

I ended up having to wait a while for him. I told him to meet me at 7, which was a mistake on my part. That would have worked for a 10-mile run at a 12:00 pace. Well, I had run 9 miles at *ahem* an 11:50 pace. So by the time he got there and I ate my peanut butter sandwich and got a much-needed massage, I had to skee-daddle or be late for the book club trip. So off I went.

And man oh man -- such an extended halfway point break did a number on me. I didn't have nearly as much zest for the second half. I needed encouragement at every mile. I got more "you can do it" talk than probably ever before! It was tough out there. When I realized at mile 17 that it was past 9 AM, I made the executive decision to end it right there. I could sacrifice one mere mile in order to not keep 11 other women waiting. Small price to pay. 17 is good enough, by golly. The last 8 went like this: 11:03, 11:38, 11:08, 12:44, 11:47, 13:05 (that horrible Haskell hill), 11:42, 12:22. Not too shabby, considering I wanted to just lie down on the side of the road.

I got home and MAN was I sore. Everywhere. But I had to hurry. With Chasen's help I actually got to the meeting point at exactly the perfect time. It was a miracle. And it was a good, fun trip. Today, though, I am sore in both legs. Both hamstrings. Chasen thinks I should not run tomorrow. I think he's probably right. I'll have to assess in the morning.


lizzie lee said...

Hey, I also completed 17!!! Interesting thing. My knees keep "patelling"!!! (My patella - both knee cap - really hurt)

I enjoyed your post A LOT. I loved Traskwood dress code!!!.

What is that gizmo you got, that marks your min/mile?

Keep Running!!!

Nicole said...

17 is definitely good enough!
I hope your hamstring is okay.

I just love the dress code sticker- ha! :)

MarathonChris said...

Congrats on a great 17!! And even for making a meeting right after that (verses laying down for the rest of the day). You are rocking and just halfway through your marathon training.

Way to go!! :-)

peter said...

It is hard to break up a long run midway, b/c you freeze up (and relax and get comfortable). But you hung in there and got started on the second half! (As you know, in a marathon that's the hard part after a walking water break, toss cup and lurch back into a running motion again.) 17 is just as good as 18. Drat, real life intrudes on running again!

CewTwo said...

Great report and with humor thrown in! I loved the "Dress code."

I can appreciate the sacrifice of a mile. You got the run and still met the obligation! You are one organized young lady!

Jamie said...

Great going! 17 is inspiring! And realizing you have a life to attend to as well is also inspiring!

And, like the others, I'm LOL about the dress code!

Maddy said...

Great job on the 17! I love your and Chasen's sense of humor - The dress code sticker is hilarious!

You stuck to your run (one mile - no biggie, right?) and made it to your meeting spot. You're AWESOME!!!

Arland said...

Great job on getting it done. 20 looks doable now doesn't it!

ShirleyPerly said...

Great sticker. And 17 is plenty, in my book.

Take care of the hammy!

Saline County, Arkansas Photos said...

Only those who have experienced Traskwood can understand how true that sign is!