Thursday, October 11, 2007

RFE TR #36

Total Miles Trained For Elijah: 276

I meant to do this run yesterday... but since Monday evening I have had a sore throat and all things that come with it, and the mornings make me feel especially puny... so I did not run yesterday. But today I was up like a champion! And my throat wasn't even half as bad as it was yesterday.

The weather was very cool -- quite a treat! I was a bit apprehensive about running since I do not consider my ankle to be "healed," and it still has a minimal amount of inflammation. But since the doc said I could run, I did. I was supposed to do a ladder type workout, and I opted to do it in my neighborhood. The first mile was a bit too fast, the second too slow, the third too slow, the fourth too slow, and the fifth was perfect. Had I done this workout on the track, I think I could have hit them all. Oh well.

I did have some pain from time to time. It was not "oh my gosh I need to stop immediately" pain, but more like "yep - there's a pain" type pain which came and went from time to time. Honestly, I wish I could get completely healed.. but maybe I never will! The doc did say to always wear my ankle support... maybe this is my burden to bear.

Next I'm going to figure out my strategy for the Worldwide Half Marathon -- when/if/how.


Arland said...

Hang in there Susan! I think all of us run through some type of little pain most of the time. I'm beginning to think its just part of running.

Petraruns said...

Keep it up sweetheart! You're doing great. Injuries come and they do, eventually, go.. Take it easy, be honest with yourself, check for any increase in pain and if all things are okay - keep it up. Personally I would avoid TOO much speedwork - you tend to pound more when you do it - but ask your excellent coach..

Annette said...

I'm glad that you were able to get out there and run this morning!! At the expo in Chicago we saw some bands for strengthing ankles, we got them for Cheryl, I wish I would have known your ankle was still bothering you!

P.S. thanks for all the nice comments on my blog :)

CewTwo said...

See? A person takes a couple of days off and misses a lot!

What a serious time you have had of late.

Get better and take care my friend!

ShirleyPerly said...

There are many people who wear knee and ankle supports while running. I saw Maddy wearing knee bands on both knees the other night. My husband has to wear these big clunky knee braces in order to ride his bike.

Often there's still some pain involved but it's tolerable and much better than the alternative: not doing the activity they love. I hope your ankle will improve but don't let wearing a brace get you down. And I agree with Petra about checking with your coach about speedwork since the ankle is very much involved in a strong push-off as well as landing hard. I didn't do any while my ankle was bothering me.