Saturday, September 06, 2008

Glorious Weather

Ah the return of insomnia. Last night I got about 4 hours of sleep before I woke and was unable to go back to sleep. My alarm was to ring at 5:15 AM for my 6 AM city park longrun with Lisa. Had it not been for my 'appointment' I probably would have just skipped until tomorrow. Running with someone makes for awesome accountability!

Seeing as this was supposed to be a 9-miler, I packed LOTS of food. I took a peeled grapefruit (which I thought was a large orange when I bought it - duh - but I prefer sour to sweet anyway) and 8 strawberry newtons. And water, of course. If I got hungry during a non-pregnant run, I'd just deal with it, feel hungry, and eat ASAP. Well, let me tell you - it is a WHOLE NEW WORLD getting hungry while running pregnant. If I don't get food, it's all over. So, I now pack like a mule!

Lisa beat me there and gave me the good news that her pal Norma would be joining us. Cool! Norma is training for her first half, Lisa is training for her *some multiple* half, and I am training for, of course, the Worldwide Half Marathon. Norma wanted to do 4 miles, so we said our goodbyes fairly early on.

The weather was the best it has been ALL YEAR for me -- 65 glorious degrees and it never got any warmer. It was heavenly! And it is such a joy to walk/run with Lisa -- there is NEVER a quiet moment. The nine miles really flew by in 2:27:06 (average 16:21 per mile, most of which were completely walked, so I am getting faster!) And the park was really hoppin' at the end; football games beginning, tons of walkers and dogs, etc.

When I got home I iced my knees while soaking in a nice warm bath. Now that is heaven! Afterwards I thought I'd better ice my poor 'ole ankle. But there no comfortable way to do it, other than forcing myself to lie on my left side (so the outside of the right ankle can balance the ice pack). So while we were 'lazying' on the couch I said to Chasen "I need to secure this on somehow. Do you think your belt would work?" (He wasn't wearing it at the time, but it was nearby.) Check this out:

best mobile ice pack ever!

On Monday I'll do 2.5 miles of intervals - my fave.


Nat said...

I have no clue how you manage -- I remember getting hungry and having to eat RFN. So I get it.

You're my hero. ;)

(Do you have to worry about the hormone that does the funky stuff to your joints yet?)

Petraruns said...

Good girl - what a great example you're already setting for your baby! And I'm so glad you've got some running buddies - and such great ones as well!

Bev said...

Wow, that is wonderful! Sounds like the best morning. Glad you are still able to get out and about. Keep it up!

CewTwo said...

Geez! I want to eat Strawberry Newtons on a run! That would be great! (I doubt I would, though).

I agree. Running with a friend is always a fun experience. My friends are mostly casual runners. I get 3 miles with them and then I run on alone!

ShirleyPerly said...

Ooh, 65 degrees!

Glad you have friends to motivate you to get out there. I'm scratching my head at how you iced your knees while in a warm bath, though.