Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Humid Again

I skipped my intervals yesterday. I was worn out! But I have devised a plan to get in all of my scheduled runs this week. Rather than Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I'm going to do Tuesday, Thursday and a Friday evening race (I think). It's a 4-mile race, and I'm supposed to do 4 that day. AND the entry fee without a timing chip is $20 and you get a long sleeve tech shirt. For someone like me who is expanding (thus the running wardrobe shrinking at a very fast pace) a $20 long sleeved tech shirt for this winter is a DEAL!

So I did 2.5 miles of intervals today. It rained in the early hours, and it was VERY humid out there, just like the summer months. Ick. I actually contemplated cutting it short. But then I thought "Come on.. it's only 2.5 miles... how sad would quitting be!?!" So I got them done. Here they are: 11:05, 10:26, 10:56, 10:21, 10:36, 10:08, 11:14, 10:54, 11:38, 11:10. Including the SLOW recovery paces, my average was 14:19. Why on earth don't I interval my way through my longruns???


ShirleyPerly said...

Well, the Galloway run/walk method is considered interval running and some people do that all the way through marathons.

Boo on the humidity!

CewTwo said...

Gee! Sounds like great times to me! Sometimes I wish I was that fast!

And the atitude is truly that of a winner!

Bev said...

You're intervals are looking great! Hope the technical shirt is nice, but who has a summer race with long sleeve shirts? That's a little weird but ok! I'll take whatever shwag I can get.

Petraruns said...

I've been run walking all of my long runs and some of my short runs (1 mile run 1 minute walk) and I'm still at least as fast as before. Galloway may well be onto something..