Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bad To Good

Monday and Tuesday (post-vacation) I felt very, very unmotivated. While Monday would have definitely been a rest day, exercise-wise, Tuesday should not have been. But I just can't seem to get up early. Aargh. Even today I shut off my alarm. To my surprise, Chasen said "You're not going to walk?" as if it's a requirement! I said no, in a puny little unmotivated voice.

I kind of knew what it was... I have been lacking structure in all areas. Now is definitely the time to snap to action! So I decided that today was the day to "take my life back," so to speak. I got a major start on a new work project and even had a productive errand-running lunchtime. Yay! I was determined to get out for some moving just after work.

This sounds like a good plan, right? Well here's another piece of info. Today I officially felt like a whale. Ick. And here is my most whalesque photo from vacation:

Chasen, of course, smiles and says "There's my family." I just see HUGE! Ha.

I got out there. The weather was pleasant enough. The podcast was playing. The sun was setting. And I felt miserable. I just felt heavy, slow, breathless and aching. The outside of my legs from the knees down to the ankles felt so, so sore... as if I had never walked before! I forged ahead, but I was having bad thoughts like "pregnancy is miserable" and "I'll never run again" and "Gosh I miss being able to run - I lived to run - now all I can do is crawl along." Not fun! Lisa asked me to do the Race for the Cure this Saturday with her, and I had agreed to it, and I thought this evening I'd have to disappoint her saying that there was just NO WAY I could get through it all.

Chasen called and I barked. Normally I only 'bark' if he has ticked me off. I was soooo not happy. But then, somewhere around mile 1.5 it all got better. It was as if all of a sudden my body caught up with my mind. Nothing hurt. I was able to speed up. Life was again great. Thoughts switched to "I am going to work out through this entire pregnancy!" and "My body will move much easier in a few months!" and "Yum - I have roast in the crock pot."

That walk, even with its rough start, was just what I needed. I made it a 5K and even got a negative split clocking 18:27, 18:16 and 17:51. Next stop: online maternity running attire!


ShirleyPerly said...

Susan, you look so beautiful amongst all those lovely flowers! And congrats on your 5K performance. I love negative splitting.

Petraruns said...

You do look gorgeous - blooming is the word we use...

We all have these dips - read my latest post - and you also come out the other end. be kind to your body and soul and final advice - exercise generally makes you feel better..

gabsatrucker said...

No, No, No! Don't use the word "whalesque" when talking about my blogging buddy. You look absolutely beautiful in that pic!

Sometimes on workouts it just takes a while for everything to feel right (and then there are others when it's like just let me get through this, LOL). Had one of those myself this past Tuesday.


Maddy said...

I think you look beautiful. - and by the way, the first picture I've seen you look pregnant in. So CUTE!!!!!!

I agree with gabsatrucker - sometimes, pregnant or not, workouts are hard. I'm proud of you for sticking to it!