Saturday, October 25, 2008

Race for the Cure

As Lisa said today, when you can mix an excellent cause with your passion, that's a good thing. So we mixed breast cancer research/fundraising and walking this morning at the Race for the Cure in Germantown (Memphis), Tennessee. BOY was it crowded! I have never seen so much pink. It was way cool!

There were so many people there that we literally did not have the chance to run. It seemed that there were a few FAST folks up front and then a slew of walkers. So we walked. There was elbow room only!

The course was through a very nice neighborhood. Many of the homes got into the pink spirit. One had a whole bunch of inflatable pink poodles in the yard with a sign that said "Pawsitively Finding A Cure." One had an Elvis dancing on the roof! Perhaps the best had a Kiss-lookalike band singing out front. Their theme was, of course, Kiss Breast Cancer Goodbye.

It was a nice, talkative walk. We finished in 1:04:17 and then made our way through the pink crowd back to the car. Baby Isaac was again turning into "Iron Baby" and balling up into a little hard ball. He usually does that when I change positions after a long time in one. So I got to show him off to Lisa!

Once I got home Chasen and I did tons of yard work, which included putting out a "Halloween spread." He suggested I get two big pumpkins and one little one. Rather symbolic, don't you think?

Can you spot our house guest?

The little pumpkin had a VERY dirty backside which I had to clean and clean. I believe that is an omen of things to come!


MarathonChris said...

Nice job on the 5K! Sounds like the baby likes the walks as well!

gabsatrucker said...

LOL on the dirty backside!! Is that Maggie spying on you?


Lisa said...

Thanks again for letting me hang around with you and baby Isaac today. It was so much fun. I was telling Mark & Ian about baby Isaac's reaction and Ian said "uh oh, daddy, now mom's gonna be wanting one of those." At my age, I can't afford to even entertain the thought. Besides, with my luck it would be another boy and my house already has way too much testosterone as it is. And why should I have another one anyway. I can spoil baby Isaac and then give him back to his mommy when he has a dirty backside -- you've been practicing -- it's been way too long for me. :)

Jennifa......G said...

Love the little family of punkins! I think you look fantastic and vibrant. Hope you were able to find some workout clothes...I just steal Jakes stuff like is sweats and shorts. Lol to the Iron Baby!

ShirleyPerly said...

How funny, baby Isaac, the Iron Baby. And those pumpkins are quite cute, esp. that little white one (now that it's all cleaned up :-). Glad you had fun on your 5K!

lizzie lee said...

It is a very nice reason to run/walk. As you, I never saw pink that much... and as I said in my post for that race "I hated pink till that very day"

peter said...

I run the RFTC in DC every year. It is so crowded, though, that I "start" at the right time about a mile away in another direction and "hit' the course at MP 1 running at a spot where the faster runners have gotten to and it's less crowded (there's some running room). Works for me!