Tuesday, December 16, 2008

3/4 Done!

How on earth did I get to be 30 weeks pregnant already? I had a good obstetrician's visit this morning. Time has flown by. I'm told that it's about to slow down in a major way. Bring it on! I'll be keeping busy. But not too busy. It's about one "event" per week:

From now until the end of the year I have 2 holiday get-togethers, an eye doctor's appointment (maybe I'll finally get glasses! yes, this excites me), another obstetrician's appointment (at 32 weeks), 2 prepared childbirth classes (I've never even changed a diaper... I need all the info I can get) and a 10K.

In January we'll have 2 more classes plus Expectant Parents Class (a one time thing), Chasen goes away for a 48-hour work trip (I'll only be 34 weeks along, so it's all good), and two baby showers will be thrown in my honor (Arkansas and Olive Branch). Wow. FUN! I am so lucky.

On the exercise front I took a rest day on Sunday after my 99 minute walk on Saturday. I was going to do more yesterday, but I was just too tired. Ah, the third trimester!


ShirleyPerly said...

It does seem like time is flying! And so much going on with you. Funny that you're excited to get glasses. I've been nearsighted since 4th grade and hope that old age farsightedness might give me a year or two of when I might not any correction lenses (that happened to my sister-in-law). I won't hold my breath, though.

Have fun with all the classes, parties and the 10K!

Tammy said...
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Tammy said...

What I meant to say, since I've always make horrible mistakes when I type, was the time always go alot fast than we expect, but near the end it does seem like forever, so it's really good you keep busy. My 1st one seemed fast, but that's because I had him only 3 day's after I stopped working. (I had him early)

Good luck on the glasses. It is always nice to see. :D(I still can't see with my glasses I think I need a new pair myself)

Tammy said...

grrr I still made mistakes dang I need new glasses LOL

Irish Blue said...

Wow, I didn't realize you were that far along. So exciting!! Enjoy the parties momma.

Road Warrior said...

Wow! You are in fire!

Jade Lady said...

I also didn't realize you were that far along!

I'm so excited for you!

Marathon Maritza said...

Time is definitely flying by! It seems like just yesterday you were announcing your pregnancy!

Well with all those classes, you guys should be fully prepared! Plus, I think once the baby is here, I feel like a lot of stuff will just come naturally via all the love and excitement. You're gonna be a great mom!

Happy Holidays!

nylisa said...

Wow! You're just a busy bee, aren't you?! How do you not get tired??