Saturday, December 13, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I made it back home from Little Rock without incident. It's good to be home! Even though I was born and raised in Little Rock, home really is where the heart is... and my heart is in Olive Branch, Mississippi. Again, a HUGE thank you to Sherri for hosting me for two nights.

While in LR I received a package. My dear friend Martina sent more goodies for Baby Isaac!

Washcloths and inflatable ducky tub! Straight from my Target registry. What a gal!

While in LR I was given this neat assortment from my dear friend Angee:

Plush-ish green truck, alligator socks, baby calendar and dinosaur teether/rattle/"silky."

How lucky am I??? AND I have been extremely fortunate because I am getting to have both a Little Rock baby shower AND an Olive Branch shower. WOW! BIG thank you to Dawn, Michele and new-mom Lisa! (not to be confused with Runner Lisa)

Now, I have to state for the record that the biggest, best gift that I have received has yet to make it to the blog. Why? Honestly, because I am waiting for the perfect photo op... you'll see soon, I promise.

Ah, now back to running. I was supposed to meet Lisa for her 8-miler at the park this morning. As is often the case with me nowadays, I woke in the wee hours and could not get back to sleep until about an hour before my alarm was supposed to go off. So when it did, I just couldn't will myself out of bed. Sorry, Lisa! So late this afternoon I walked for 99 minutes on my new treadmill. 99 is its limit; of course I could "start over" and go farther. As I was walking, I had a realization: "My feet don't hurt!!!" It was an excellent shoe day. Hallelujah!

I just can't believe that I am almost 30 weeks pregnant. Wow. Where has time gone? So I have decided to target one more official race before Baby Isaac is born. On the morning of New Year's Eve I am going to do a 10K in Collierville, TN (very, very close to me). It's actually a relay, but I am going to be a team of one (1 1/2 actually, ha!) I intend to inform the race director that a) I'll be 32 1/2 weeks pregnant at that time, and b) I'll probably come in dead last. Just so they know!

Unless things dramatically change, my work life should be much, much less stressful for the next several weeks. Hooray! I am trying to take it as easy as possible from here on out.


Cory said...

Enjoy the 10K. Congrats!!

Newly and Forever, Tamantha said...

A good shoe day is always great! My new insoles have helped some, but still having foot see the podiatrist this week...I hope he can tell me what's going on...

jeanne said...

oy MY feet hurt just reading about 99 min on a treadmill!

what nice friends you have. and you deserve to rest! now is not the time to push yourself (sorry, it's the mom in me!)

Great idea for the 10k.