Friday, December 19, 2008

2008 in 30 Words

Inspired by Miss P.O.M., I will summarize my year in 30 words:

torn tendon, da boot, pilates, coaching
quit job, started own business, earned architectural license!
Chasen's new job, moved to Mississippi
Lake Tahoe, Philadelphia, Smoky Mountains
new friends, better life

Not too shabby!


Rachel said...

Fabulous to think up 30 words for my blog.

Hoping your having a fabulous pregnancy!

Lisa said...

My personal favorites, "moved to Missippi" and "pregnancy" =)

Lisa said...

Er, uh, MISSISSIPPI, that is...

Road Warrior said...

It sure was a busy year. Congrats on all the good that has come your way!

mrjwhit~ said...

I like this. Very creative.