Saturday, January 03, 2009

Looking Back, Moving Forward

Aaah 2008, you were pretty good to me. I thought the torn peroneal tendon would be the death of me, but something about starting my own business, moving and getting pregnant turned my frown upside down!

I ran 152.2 miles in 2008 (as opposed to 900 in 2007). I ran 45 times.
I walked 135.7 miles (39 times).
I rode the elliptical machine twice.
I cycled 122.8 times (mostly on the stationary bike, but some in real time). It was 42 rides.
I had 45 "other" workouts, mostly personal training sessions, but one was my first ever attempt at snow skiing!
Thank you, Buckeye Outdoors, for making it extremely easy for me to keep up with my workouts.

As for the present, I bailed on Lisa this morning. I was having some "belly and bowel" issues and thought I'd better stay home. That turned into more napping than I have done in ages. I got a good night's sleep, and then I napped pretty much until 3 PM. Lazy bones Susan! But, I figure if one can nap that long, one probably needs to nap that long.

I have tried to keep myself super busy since then, so as to "wear down" so I am not up all night. I have done a lot of cooking, took down the Christmas decorations (at last!), cleaned and finally hit the treadmill. I listened to Fdip and slowly accomplished 3.5 miles. I am more proud of the fact that I kept going for 69 minutes than the actual mileage.

I have been thinking... I may not currently have the endurance of a long distance runner, but I definitely still have the mindset of a long distance runner. And for that, I am proud.

And on to the future! I haven't made any resolutions. We all know that they're usually related to losing weight or getting into better shape. Well, neither of those are an option to me right now. So scrap that! I told Chasen my New Year's Resolution was to give birth. HA! He said it should be to run a marathon. I said that is not a resolution, it is my goal. But seriously, my resolution/goal is to return to being my formerly super-active self ASAP after birth. Lisa and I have even entertained the idea of running an ULTRA one day. Oh my! I hear they're fun...

On the pregnancy front, all is well. I am getting less and less comfortable. Standing and lying down are my most comfortable positions. Sitting is not that great (although my desk chair is my best option - I guess Baby Isaac knows that mommy needs to work!) If I stay active, my leg aches are minimized. You know, if everyone out there knew that exercise was magical like that, I bet we'd have less sick and obese people in the world. And they'd be less stressed. OK, OK, down from the soapbox.

Happy New Year, everyone.


Road Warrior said...

You've had a very big year, Susan. Can't wait to see how great 2009 is for you!

Petraruns said...

It has been a phenomenal year Susan and you have achieved a great deal. Your attitude throughout has been pretty amazing and will, no doubt, see you through into the next phase when Isaac is with you. Can't wait to follow you on the road back to the (ultra) marathon. I think if your attitude is right, the body will follow!

Arland said...

Great year Susan and having the mind of a long distance runner means a lot. 3/4 of the battle is the mind anyway. When you get back to running you will already have most of it whipped. Hope all your dreams come true in the new year.

Brenda's NEEDS to RUN said...

Susan, I admire you so much for staying with your running, walking and exercise throughout your pregnancy. So many people use that as an excuse to quit - you will have a much better delivery and also will bounce back so much faster than most.
Happy 2009.

Maddy said...

It was indeed a big year for you! I have no doubt you will reach your goals and your hubsand and son (and I) will be so proud of you!

Jade Lady said...

I'd say you've had quite a year! After my pregnancy, I forced myself into shape by signing up for 7 races that culminated in a marathon - it worked! Maybe I need to do that whole cycle again! I"ve been into the gingerbread cookies way too much this holiday season.

PLANET3RRY said...

now you are talking Ultras? Crazy woman!

"belly and bowel" problems... oh yes, not something you want to worry about while running... Oi!

Irish Blue said...

Happy New Year Susan! Those final months of pregnancy are so uncomfortable. Napping is a great idea! It won't be long before you are up and down all night.

I think you're going to love being a mom in 2009 and all of the challenges that brings. On the running front, listen to your body.

lizzie lee said...

Of course you have to be proud of having the mindset of a long distance runner. YOU ARE ONE!!!

I could decipher from your post that you didn't like much the elliptical machine !!!!!!!!!!

I am looking forward to meet your BEAUTIFUL BABY!!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year to you, Chasen and Baby Isaac

ShirleyPerly said...

Love the blog post title!

And, yes, I agree with Arland's comment about having the mind of a long distance runner meaning a lot. Truly, if one can view things as just bumps in the road or temporary and keep looking for success in the long term, that is the path to success.

Congrats on a great year and look forward to following your adventures in 2009!