Monday, February 23, 2009

Isaac's First Bath Time

Having a little one around consumes most of one's time! (duh) We're having success with Isaac's 3-hour schedule (have I mentioned it? he eats on the 3's -- 3,6,9,12,3,6,9,12) but it makes every day the exact same. I'm told that's good for him.

Good news! My feet are almost 100% back to normal!

They actually look better than this now. Yay! I could actually wear a skirt and hold my head high!

This is just the cutest pillow ever. Thanks, Marianne. (isn't that an awesome spelling?)

Left Side Louie under another one of "Nana Jane's" handmade blankets. He's actually not sucking his thumb.

I was trying to tend to him AND photograph him. I wasn't all that successful.

So it was high time for Isaac's first sponge bath. He'll get a real one when his belly button is all healed. I set the scene in the kitchen:

Brown towel in case he decided to give us a little parting gift. He didn't.

Daddy gets him all prepared, i.e. naked.

Mommy washes his face while trying to keep him warm. My fingers still look awful chubby!

He looks so long! But we think he is a half inch less now that his head has morphed down to a regular shape (which happened shortly after birth, FYI).

I am ready for my soap, folks. Let's hurry up!

Oooooh! It is AWFUL to have a mommy and daddy that want me clean, I tell ya!

All done! Thanks, Elizabeth, for the awesome bath towel.


Petraruns said...

Awwwww I love your daily photo updates. Takes me back to when mine were so tiny. He is just precious and looks like all the gifts are coming in handy..

Tammy said...

Susan thanks so much for sharing his first bath. It's wonderful to hear that he's on a 3 hour schedule, works out best for you and for him. He's so such a handsome little guy and great to hear that your feet are finally feeling and looking better. I'm sure it makes a big difference not being in pain.

ShirleyPerly said...

What an adventure for little Isaac! He sounds to be such a good baby. My new little nephew has colic and my brother says he's really tough to keep happy.

Glad your feet are nearly back to normal!

Tomasin said...

Great pics!!!! Keep the little pillow he is sleeping on, my three month old daughter is sleeping on my little pillow which is now 33 years old. Its a special thing to share something like that. Best of luck, i am a new parent so i am right there with you supporting from Kansas.

Bev said...

What a beauty! I just love those little fat baby tummies. Too cute. Looks like you are learning all the mommy stuff just fine.