Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pray For Elijah

Our superhero Elijah is not having a good time right now. The drugs he is now taking to likely keep Neuroblastoma away forever (yay!!!) are causing some unpleasant side effects (not yay) and he is in the hospital. What's worse, his spirits are rather low, and that is VERY unlike Elijah. Please take a minute and visit his website and leave some encouraging words for him (and read the recent journal entries for the full story). Or, you can e-mail him directly at elijah@btalleydesign.com. Thanks, friends!

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Jennifa......G said...

We will be praying for Elijah...hope his spirits are lifted a little bit more. Your "sip and see" baby shower looked beautiful. I see you are getting fired up to "get hard core". You go girl go.....I feel the same way and am looking forward to getting stronger as the days pass. LOL to baby Isaac.