Monday, April 06, 2009

Gettin' Fitty With It

Last night I made a training schedule for the rest of this month. You know me... I need a schedule to feel like I am making progress. The schedule keeps me motivated! So every other day I will "Couch To 5K" and fill in the gaps with the elliptical machine, cycling and a post-baby fitness DVD. Now to elaborate:

I am really digging the Couch To 5K program. As Jen put it, I should not get hung up on the whole "C" part. I should think of it as the P25K program (Pregnancy To 5K). That works for me!

Yesterday I tried the elliptical machine (in our garage). Oh. My. Goodness. Mind you, I haven't done it in over a year... but holy cow! It was tough! I only made it 10 minutes, and that's only because I wouldn't let myself quit before then. Yeesh - next time will be easier. It better be; I must cross train!

And now for the cycling. As you'll recall, I purchased my awesome bike in January 2008 after my torn tendon was diagnosed. After a sedentary break I began cycling. But then when we moved here (and immediately, finally got pregnant) it has just hung in the garage, as the doc said to avoid potential abdominal trauma (i.e. a crash). So, come Thursday of this week, Daisy is coming off the rack!

I ordered a post-baby fitness DVD from Amazon on Sunday. I hope it arrives by the end of this week. According to my schedule, I'll do it about every 6 days. The schedule is run, elliptical, run, cycling, run, DVD, repeat.

What would this blog be without pics of my lil Isaac?

High five! He is starting to be very expressive and make lots of different faces. I make a lot of faces, according to Chasen.

A wink and a smile - look out, ladies!

After my run tonight on the treadmill, we enjoyed some family time. Chasen feeds him as I sit on the floor, and we chat. Then came tummy time.

Although this pic does not depict it, Isaac is getting quite good at holding his head up!

Sweaty Mommy holds the boy.

Elijah is back in Philadelphia for treatment/testing. Everyone please pray for good results!


ShirleyPerly said...

Nice variety in training! Personally, I love having different things to do nearly every day. Never get bored.

And I swear Isaac is getting cuter by the day!!

Petraruns said...

That litte cutie pie just gets more and more gorgeous... Man! I think he needs to come visit me so I can just squeeze him.

And you my friend - well done! You are so on top of the game with it all. All these things will soon start coming together - I promise. You are on the right track and have my full admiration!

Jennifa......G said...

You go girl...kick some eliptical butt! Isaac knows he's a cutie patootie!

PLANET3RRY said...

P25K... Looooooooooove IT!

That cutie patootie is going to have all the hussies coming around your place.

jeanne said...

he is absolutely adorable!

and your schedule sounds perfect. i can't function without a schedule. nice work!