Sunday, September 13, 2009

12 Miler!

Today I ran 12 miles. I have not covered that distance since last year's Worldwide Half Marathon (at about 20 weeks pregnant, all walking). I got right to it at 5 AM. Because it was so dark I did the first 2 mile sin my neighborhood. As it turns out, the main drag was much better lit than this quaint place with lampposts in every yard.

I was supposed to run at a 2:2 ratio, except every 3rd mile was to be run solid. Now that's a good way to do it! Piece of cake!

6-month photo courtesy of Brooke Ledbetter of Southaven, Mississippi

It started raining at about mile 5, so I altered my course and headed home. I discovered that it was going to mist rain the rest of the morning... so I just did more back in my neighborhood than I had planned. No biggie.

Here are my splits:
Mile 1 -- 15:00 (2:2)
Mile 2 -- 14:43 (2:2)
Mile 3 -- 13:31 (solid)
Mile 4 -- 15:11 (2:2)
Mile 5 -- 14:46 (2:2)
Mile 6 -- 13:42 (I actually forgot about running it solid until a ways in...)
Mile 7 -- 15:31 (2:2)
Mile 8 -- 14:11 (2:2)
Mile 9 -- 13:30 (solid)
Mile 10 -- 15:08 (2:2)
Mile 11 -- 15:00 (2:2)
Mile 12 -- 13:25 (solid)
Total: 2:53:43
Average: 14:30

Next week I have to do 14 miles, mostly at a 1:1 ratio. Wish me luck!


Donna said...

Awesome Susan!!! Way to go studdette on your 12 miler!

Talk to you soon. Take care, your teammate,


Irish Blue said...

Susan, way to go on the 12 miler. You're well on your way girl!

Cute family!

Petraruns said...

Susan that's a great job! At 5am no less I am so impressed. Tell me the truth did you feel like nodding off in church?

ShirleyPerly said...

Susan, you are doing SO WELL!! Proud of you, girl!

Road Warrior said...

Nice job on the 12-miler! Though I don't think you intended it, I liked the first sentence or two of your post when you said you put the "two mile sin"...

The first two miles are always sin for me, too!

Nicole said...

Way to go on the 12 miles! I am so impressed! You should be very proud of yourself!

Team Point Two All the way!