Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Weigh Past Due!

I have been quite busy; just a lot going on. So this is just a quick update. More to come! The running is going well.

Isaac sports his Arkansas Razorbacks jersey on his first official game day. Chasen was so proud!

I finally finished a personal project I swore I'd complete before Isaac was born. Obviously I missed that deadline! It's the display of race bibs and medals in my (home) office:

Isn't the Little Rock medal HUGE? And Rocket City is on its way!!!

The cork board just didn't go up as soon or as easily as we thought. But we finally got it hung up on the wall above my desk, and the organizing of the race bibs was a piece of cake. Hanging the medals was a whole other story. I thought I'd hang them on the cork board, but Chasen didn't think they'd be supported well enough, so we opted for a simple coat rack (which took forever to find the time to hang). We put it way up high because a) I never get the medals down, and b) why cover up my cork board collage?

Now on to the topic that most people (non-runners, at least) always wonder about: baby weight. I am often asked how much weight I gained with pregnancy. I honestly do not know the exact number, and here's why. I know exactly how much I weighed before we moved to Mississippi (shown as "torn tendon chub" below on my nifty graph). I didn't weigh the day I discovered I was pregnant. I knew I had plumped up even more and was stupidly avoiding the scale. That's why!

As you can see I am about 7 pounds away from the last known pre-pregnancy weight. I have lost quite a bit thanks to training and my current eating plan. Life is good! I am very encouraged and continue to watch the graph plunge. Hooray!


jeanne said...

nice job on the weight! i'm afraid to graph mine...

and look at that medal rack! awesome!!

and look at that baby boy! That's your finest work yet!

Suzanad said...

hahah that is a realli cool weight chart.. congrats on making it go down! :D

Petraruns said...

WOW! Lookatchoo! Well done girl - I know it's not always been easy but WOW impressive. Well done.

Maddy said...

I love the graph! You are doing great!

You're running is going so well too!

lizzie lee said...

Love your cork... My daughter put all my bibs last July in a frame... Thinking alike... And your SON, can I eat him???? He is too gorgeous!!!!!!!

gabsatrucker said...

wooo-pig sooie!!!!!!!!! Love Isaac in his Hogs shirt, and what a grin he's sporting!

I did my long run last night with just James pedaling for company and he pretty much quit talking after mile 8. You are among one of the toughest women I know for being able to do your long runs solo.

ShirleyPerly said...

Funny, I just read a post about losing baby weight just before reading this post. She was just getting started, though, while you are already well on your way.