Thursday, September 03, 2009

Winged Feet (Not Webbed Feet!)

This is a recovery week for me. I never, ever thought I'd say this... but only running 5 days is boring. Can you believe it?

Isaac sports his first jeans. Awww! What a big boy!

Isaac, center, sits amid his six favorite friends in front of the flower beds (literally).

Oh what a day. I must say... not every day of mommyhood is a joy. Nope. The closer we get to Isaac's first tooth, the less happy he and I both are. However, the high point of the day was the Runner's Round Table! I got to participate as part of Team Point Two. I dished on my current training, which is going really well, in my opinion.

Isaac hangs out (literally) on Daddy as Mommy goes for a much needed run.

So today I was counting down the seconds until Chasen got home so I could ESCAPE to the roads. I didn't bother with Teddy Tready. Oh no - this day called for the pavement. I had 4 miles on the docket. The first was to be run solid (13:05) and the remaining three were to be done at a 2:2 ratio (14:08, 13:27, 13:50). I do believe the stress of the day is what boosted me forward! I really felt like I could have run forever. Coming from "ground zero" as I am, that feeling is priceless!


Maddy said...

I was so glad I had a chance to listen to some of the RRT.

You are doing so well! And don't you just love that I could run forever feeling?

Petraruns said...

I haven't listened yet - have saved it for this week. But it sounds like you had your hands full that day (!) with your little man. Isn't it amazing that running is such a great escape from everything sometimes? And your mileage is amazing by the way - you are on your way now girl and full kudos. Oh and that little man is just so damn CUTE!