Sunday, April 11, 2010

Back In The Brooks

Oh what a week! My base training for Chicago was again delayed due to illness. Isaac's cold turned into MY cold. Ick. My theory was to delay to pounding of the payment for a few more days so as to be darn close to 100% when I finally got to begin. Mission accomplished; I began today.

On Friday, however, we had another first with Isaac. This wasn't a good one, either, but one that I knew would happen someday. He and I were headed to meet some friends at Shelby Farms and the next thing I knew I heard him vomiting in the back seat. Eeeeew! I'll spare you the vomit photo (which you know I took, being the documenter I am) but here is the after photo of him in his stripped-down seat wearing his emergency (i.e. stained) onesie and rehydrating with juice:

Poor guy! Poor me! I had to do laundry and sanitize his seat AND my car. What a chore!

You can't keep a good mommy down, so on Saturday we headed out to meet some different friends at Clifton Farms to watch a dressage horse show (a first for me). The kiddos made it through a few routines and then it was lunchtime for the riders. We took advantage of the surroundings and strolled the pasture area.

Isaac and his friend Keira pose in front of a very large grey horse.

Isaac smiles as he looks at the beautiful Keira while swinging at a park after the show.

Here is my stand-up guy at the park.

Awww - tired Isaac lays his head on Keira's shoulder.

Back to the training! I headed out today (amongst poor Isaac having a fever, which we are still battling) and banged out three very slow miles. When I got back home, I began listening to The Extra Mile Podcast. I must say, I am extremely intrigued about the Jeff Galloway training that Kevin will be following. Any program that promises less training with fewer chances of injury perks my eyebrows! With Chasen about to start a new job that will require some travel, I just can't commit to six days a week of training at this time. So we shall see!


Petraruns said...

Good going there girlfriend - nice week!

A vomit stained carseat is a rite of passage - I'm afraid I've had to do it more than once and I'm not confident that the days are fully behind me.

Great going on starting the base training now in good health - 6 months to go !

Jacky said...

Poor little Isaac... vomiting in the car is about the worse... had a few of those myself (well... with 3 kids...). Glad he seemed ok after. Hoping this double ear infection are over in no time!
Congrats on starting your base training! It's so exciting! Chicago is only around the corner!
Go Susan Go!

lizzie lee said...

That boy of yours is cute even if sick... I am like you... what ever calls for running less I'll shoot for. That's why I am so into Furman...