Tuesday, October 05, 2010

No Idle Time

Chasen arrived in Delhi, India without incident. Hooray! His work provided him with a Blackberry that is basically good for international texts and e-mail only, so he was able to text me when he finally arrived to Brussels last night and then Delhi this morning. Thanks to the wonder that is Skype, I got a virtual tour of his first hotel room. Neat!

Isaac and I have been keeping busy. He had Mother's Day Out today, so I was able to get several errands done (including tracking Chasen down on the other side of the world). As I was out I heard from my realtor that the other people's agent said... drum roll please... they were going to make an offer on OUR HOUSE tonight. Whoo hoo! So I spent the day wondering how that was going to go. Thank you, friends, for all of your prayers and good vibes.

After I picked Isaac up, I let him play in the back patio. He is always fascinated with water hoses.

In order to avoid boredom, I planned my 30-minute "taper run" for late this afternoon. It was about 70 degrees, which is what the high will be on marathon day (ick... but better than 90).

Isaac thought he better bring The Cat In The Hat along.

We ran fairly slowly through the neighborhood. We even ran into my realtor out there (a fellow runner, a half marathoner). We "talked shop" as she tried to get in a 5-miler. She asked if I was "pumped" for Chicago. I explained that I had too much on my plate to be thinking about it all that much at this time. I even chatted today through instant messenger with my hostess in Chicago. She was quite surprised that I had not yet e-mailed a list of items for her to have, scheduled activities, etc. My answer: I'll get to it... I'm too occupied otherwise.

In other news, I am happy to report that my big boy has finally abandoned baby food. He just won't have anything to do with it! So we are going to donate the final stash to a friend with a 1-year-old tomorrow. Tonight he feasted on crockpot chicken cacciatore. Yum!

He is slowly getting better with a fork. Here, he has taken over MINE, too.

Just after bath time I received the offer on the house. Just as soon as it is morning time in India, I will discuss it with Chasen over Skype. Gotta love modern technology!


Jacky said...

Susan, you're one busy woman. And Issac's an active cute kid! Glad to hear things are good so far and that Chasen made it safe and sound to Delhi!
Not long to go now for Chicago... wow... I'll keep track of how well you're doing. Can't wait!
Take care and have fun! Hope the offer on the house is good too!

Marathon Maritza said...

So cute! I really admire how you get so much accomplished!