Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Let's Get (A) Physical!

Yesterday I had my first physical exam since probably before I left for college. Two things prompted me to go in for it. 1) Our insurance likes for us to do so. 2) I was concerned about my cholesterol. Even though I run a zillion miles and try to watch what I eat, only once in the past years can I remember having an overall level under 200 (which is considered normal/healthy).

I donated blood at a church blood drive right after my running sabbatical ended (103 days without running and very little other exercise, other than keeping up with Isaac) and my cholesterol level was -gasp!- 229. That hurt. It really got me worried.

I have also been extremely thirsty lately, which I know is sometimes a warning sign of diabetes. I thought "well, surely I'm not diabetic or have a malfunctioning thyroid," but the doc thought we ought to check for those things while we were at it. Better safe than sorry.

I just got a phone call that really turned my frown upside down. A nurse called with my bloodwork results. Here's the scoop:

My overall cholesterol is now 215. Mind you, under 200 is better, but at least it has come down 14 points since I am back on the road. The nurse actually referred to it as "good."

The HDL cholesterol (the good kind) was 100! It is supposed to be over 60, and nurse said he had never seen one so high. Thank you, Jesus!

The LDL cholesterol (the bad kind) was 96, and it should be under 100. So I'm close, but "good enough." I'll take it... and I'll also work on it.

My triglycerides were 95, and they should be less than 150.

My fasting glucose was 83, and it should be 65-100. No signs of diabetes, he said. Or thyroid issues, for that matter. Looks like I'm just a thirsty gal. :)

This is such a huge relief to me. I really want to set a good, positive example for my son, as well as be around for him for a very long time. Now back to the salad!


Heather said...

Congrats Susan! Those are awesome numbers!!!!! Especially your HDL. Dang girl! =)

Anonymous said...

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