Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mighty Guy Little Tri

This past Saturday Isaac participated in the first annual Mighty Guy Little Tri in Hernando, Mississippi. I was so, so, so excited! My dear friend Jennifer was visiting us, so she was the official photographer while Chasen and I were busy helping Isaac around the course.

Disclaimer: I have tried "nine ways to Sunday" to get these iPhone photos to rotate to the proper orientation, but they import into blogger incorrectly. So frustrating!

Isaac checks out the firetruck that was to provide the "swim" portion of the triathlon.

Here we all are - ready to RACE! The itty bitty kids put their helmets on even before the run.

Isaac and I ran the 35 yards with glee.

T1: Daddy helped his get onto his bike. Talk about cute!

Chasen had to provide most of the 'horsepower' for this leg because Isaac isn't interested in biking at all.

T2: Mommy is ready to run through the water! Hurry up, Isaac.

The Hernando Fire Department was on the scene to spray us all.  :)

Here we are after it was all said and done. I was a lot more wet than I anticipated.

Ah, me and my triathlete. I really could not be more proud. He is just my whole world! 

In between heats (age groups) the kids could go back into the sprinklers. Oh did he!

My boy definitely loves the water. He laughed the entire time!

After all of that, Isaac got into some dry clothes and we waited for each pre-registered child to have his/her name called and receive their medal. I was dying with anticipation and bursting with pride!

Shawn, the horned race director, presented Isaac with his awesome first medal ever.

Look at that smug smirk! Someone was proud, I'd say...

Every child was #1, which I think is awesome. There were about 173 racers for this first-time event. Wow!

This was a top-notch event. The community and sponsors really rallied behind the effort to bring such a healthy, self-esteem promoting event to our community. The goody bags were great, the post-race food was outstanding, the shirts were a hit, the volunteers were all helpful... all for $10!

As a mom, this triathlon taught me that nothing I ever do will make me as proud as seeing my son accomplish something. I couldn't be more proud right now!


gabsatrucker said...

what a fantastic event!!! love this, congrats to Isaac for earning his first medal :-).

Blogger is a pain sometimes when it comes to the pics, did you try opening the photos up in paint or other editing program to orient them and then re-save under a different file name? Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't

Anonymous said...

Go Isaac!!!!!!!! Such an awesome event!!! =) -Heather