Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

My day has been fabulous! Even though Chasen is now in Thailand, we got to Skype twice on this lovely Mother's Day! And Isaac did me a favor by NOT waking up before 6 AM today. He slept until after 7 AM. Yay!

At church he made me this sweet flower out of a coffee filter. I love it!

Afterward we went for sushi, which is "our thing." He ate an entire California roll!

Oh how I love that sweet face! I am such a lucky mommy. Truly, I am.

After a DRY three-hour nap, Isaac and I went for some yogurt. We got $1.50 off because I'm a mom!

My guy loves loves to "work," so we just let him. He puts all sorts of things in various containers and transports them.

This is the gorgeous sky I got to stare into as Isaac played for hours this afternoon.

We capped off our day with another picnic outside. It's Isaac's new favorite thing to do.

This was a day of firsts, and not just because Chasen had to miss Mother's Day for the first time. You see, Isaac got his first ever splinter. As an adult these things are painful to remove. So you can imagine my anxiety at the mere thought of trying to get it out of his sweet little hand. Long story short, he was such a brave, little trooper! He really "took it like a man" and was so, so happy to see it come out. I think he thought it was cool. I just hope I get as lucky next time Dr. Mom has to make an appearance.

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