Monday, May 14, 2012

Training Day

Last week, four days after the Flying Pig Marathon, I did an easy four mile run while Isaac was at Mother's Day Out. It went well. On Saturday Coach Terry urged me to schedule a massage to remove the lactic acid from my muscles. That came in the form of a deep tissue massage at a local spa/salon. It was painful at times, but I got through it. Thankfully, it resulted in no DOMS. However, I did have to rub my calves a bit last night in order to get to sleep. But I digress...

Today I was to do 4-8 miles. Well.... with no more MDO for the next three weeks, I am going to have to get creative with my running schedule. Isaac and I loaded up to go to the park, where there is a 2-mile trail. Next thing I know, the dog had hopped in, too. Ugh! I had no hope of running (only walking) with that furrball around. So we three made it just under four miles. Oh well - it'll get better. Chasen will return later this week, so I can begin my tradition of Mississippi summertime evening running. Or, I'll strongarm the dog back in the house!

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