Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Unexpected Happy Endings

Today was a day I have looked forward to for a while now. It was the day of Isaac's first ever school program! With Chasen out of the country (still...) I arranged to borrow a friend's video recorder, and I arranged for another friend to come with me to use it -- so I could actually see the program. Well, Isaac was overwhelmed by the crowd in the sanctuary and proceeded to do nothing but cry. I felt so bad for him; it was a bit heartbreaking.
Here is the whole group. Isaac is being held by one of his sweet teachers.

A saving grace of the day? Getting a new "school photo" with my boy, 17 pounds lighter!

School is now officially finished. Yay! After Isaac's long nap I decided to make the trek up to the New Balance store, about 45 minutes from here in traffic. Ick. I prepared for the toddler tummy as well as I could.

 Problematic shoes, strawberries, almonds, goldfish, juice/water. Let's do this thing.

Yes, problematic. The tongue of my 45-day-old New Balance (which I bought on the orders of my chiropractor) has always slipped down a bit, even when I relaced the shoes to attempt to keep it higher. During the marathon it slipped down so far that it was downright painful. It caused an ugly blister on my right foot, and the left foot hurt horribly. Since then the tongue has slipped down unmercifully, even during simple walks. 

On the good side, these shoes provided me with my first marathon ever that resulted in NO BLACK TOENAILS on my big toes!

Long story short, the New Balance store traded me for a new, different model FREE OF CHARGE, even though the others had 120 miles and Cincinnati tar on them! Amazing, huh?

 I think you know what I like about these shoes.

 Very "old school," right? I like that. Better than the white/purple previous ones.

I hope they break in well tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Best shoes ever!!!! I used them both times I did the AVON Breast Cancer Walk (60 miles in 3 days) and barely had any blisters and puts tons of training miles on them prior to the walks. New Balance rocks! =) -Heather

Petraruns said...

Nice shoes and nice service!

So sorry to hear about Isaac in the play but you have many more years to go - he will be fine and showing off before you know it.