Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer 2012

Another summer has come and gone with no blogging. Such is life for this busy wife and mother! I'll let you have a little peek into how we spent our hot days.

Practicing golf in the backyard. He says "one more, for Daddy!"

Navigating "the moon" at SoccerTots. He learned so much in this cool class.

Visiting the Tunica Aquatic Center with our mommy group.

 Playing in the sand at a swanky local gym where we had a 30-day membership. 

 Purchasing and refinishing a "big boy bed" with Daddy.

 Purchasing supplies for, and making, about 180 lunches for a church work week.

Completing another semester of SoccerTots. We're taking the fall semester off.

 Attending and volunteering at Vacation Bible School. This pic was from "hat day."

 Preparing and serving dinner to 60+ church family members at our home.

Playing in the water (and holding the hose!) at the Hernando Fire Department.

 Enjoying time with Daddy at a cool burger joint.

 Building rocket ships with Daddy in the living room.

 Hanging out in an air conditioned RV while Mommy sweat to death volunteering.

 Sadly saying goodbye to BFF Phoenix before he moved to Iowa.

Impressing (and worrying) Mommy with monkey-like climbing skills.

Yes, I know, this sounds like what ISAAC did over the summer. Well, that pretty much is what I did, too, as we had no summertime Mother's Day Out (MDO). It was just he and I and we hardly spent a moment apart.

At long last MDO has started back! Isaac is in the "big kid" 3-year-old class (which is what we refer to it as, since he would much prefer to stay home with me all day). He is doing great, even though he really "sandbags" on the way to school each day saying he doesn't want to go, etc. Playing with my emotions is what he's really doing! 

How could one not want to spend all day with his main squeeze? :)

Now it's time to get cooking for marathon #9, which is only 75 days away. *gulp* I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...


Becky said...

I get to send my 4 year old back to preschool next week and he is already telling me he doesn't want to go. Looks like you've had a great summer!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!!!! I've missed your blogs! Marathon #9...WOOHOOOO!!!! You can do it. "If you can run 8 marathons, you can run 9." lol. See, I learned something from you today. YOU ROCK AS USUAL! -Heather W.