Sunday, September 02, 2012

Slow To Start

Finally, today, I have committed myself to training for marathon #9. After all, it's a mere nine weeks away. YIKES! Why have I been so slow to start, you ask? There are several reasons.

First, after running #7 and #8 pretty much back to back in May and June, I wanted some time off. That put me smack dab in the heat of the summer when I thought I'd start back, in late July. That didn't feel like much of a break, time wise or weather wise. It's pure punishment trying to run in the Memphisippi heat and humidity. I was having none of it.

Then I heard about a challenge at a local CrossFit gym. Several running pals have taken up CrossFit, and all they can do is rave about it. With support from my husband, I signed up. I knew I'd be in for a challenge (pardon the pun). And the next thing I knew, he signed up, too! 

It was my intention to do CrossFit AND run, but I'm here to tell you something -- those first four weeks WIPED ME OUT. I hurt everywhere, and I LOVED IT. The kind folks at DeSoto CrossFit know how to really work you out! 

This is called "The Prowler." I have done it. It's insanely difficult.

 I have never done this and can't even imagine being able to. Yet.

I have done plenty of this and have gotten lots stronger.

Why do I like this? Well, it's different. I work muscles I definitely would not work merely by running. All of my muscles are getting stronger. I believe this will make me a stronger runner one day. And, I will eventually become leaner, which will also contribute to easier running. The trainers and owners are incredibly kind and encouraging, as are the other CrossFitters at "the box," which is what the gym is referred to. Every day is something different. There is no boredom at CrossFit!

That said, after four weeks of my 10-or-so week challenge, I developed a nasty head and chest cold. I have missed all week at CrossFit and, needless to say, I didn't run one step. But I did get lots and lots of rest!

This brings me to today. With literally ten weeks until the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon, I am shaking in my New Balance! I have never felt so unprepared. I feel like I have no running base at all. So today, with the rains of Hurricane Isaac threatening, I used my treadmill. Since I am not quite 100% yet from the cold, I walked. I covered 12 long miles in the afternoon heat (in the garage, with a fan on me). It's a start.

I don't exactly know where to go from here, but one thing's for sure: the running has moved back to top priority. I'll do shorter distances at least two days per week with a longer one on the weekend. And I'll try to get my money's worth out of CrossFit, too, even if it's just two classes per week. Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

Susan - you're incredible and if anyone can do this you can. I am so jealous of your CrossFit - we have nothing near us and I would love to try it.