Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Ready, Set, Go!

It's that time again -- Chasen is headed back to China! It's his seventh trip already (in two years). It seems like such a long time ago that he was first packing up. Isaac was tiny! Click here to see evidence. 

 Back then he took a massive suitcase, plus a carry-on. Not anymore! He is a master packer now.

We actually finished my entire "we had better get this done before China" list. One task, which was actually completed a few weeks earlier, was getting Isaac into his "big boy bed." 

 Isn't that the cutest? My boy loves all things construction.

The best pre-China news I have is that I had an amazing run last night as Chasen was working away trying to finish up some data for his trip. I went over to my well-lit old neighborhood and "went to town." I so, so, so needed a good run. It has been a while since I would rate any effort that way. It gave me hope that I just might be able to produce some quality training for marathon #9

This morning we took Chasen to the airport and then went about our day. I worked like a crazy lady around my house while Isaac was at Mother's Day Out. Then we went to a local playground that we hadn't visited before. It was a nice one, although extremely hot without a single shade tree.

 I love playgrounds with those clean, "squishy" ground surfaces.

 Look at my guy hang!

As I type this Chasen is somewhere over the Pacific Ocean heading to Tokyo, then on to Beijing. People ask me all the time why I never go with him. Sometimes I want to smack those people! A) I have a small child. B) Take a look at this schedule. It's no pleasure trip!

White blocks are meetings. Darker blocks are travel. It's constant!

By the time he makes it to Beijing, Isaac will be back at MDO tomorrow and I'll be running in the heat. I don't anticipate as nice a run as last night, but I am looking forward to it, none the less. Gotta keep on keepin' on!

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